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Feb 8, 2019

Sally Haughey is an internationally renowned specialist on early childhood education and the founder of Fairy Dust Teaching Blog, a very significant resource and place of support for educators, especially for early childhood education teachers. A lecturer and trainer, Sally is also the CEO of Teaching Mastery Institute Inc. She is a passion-driven entrepreneur and the author of several upcoming books.


Sally joins me to share how teachers can create a 7-figure business that allows them to enjoy the privilege of living out their bucket list. She shares what inspired her to pivot her teaching career to become an online entrepreneur and how it enabled her to fulfill her dream of moving to Paris. Sally also discusses how she got so many signups even without a mailing list and why she views people who do the same work as she does as allies instead of competitors. She also shares how her passion for making a difference led her to change the early childhood education industry through high quality programs and valuable resources.

“I’m not attached to perfection. I’m attached to making a difference.” - Sally Haughey

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • The turning point that led Sally to jumpstart her online business
  • Her transition from being a reliable person into a leading authority
  • Why she chose to offer her course as a freebie
  • Why you need to trust the process
  • How to gauge whether to push through or pull back on a newly launched product or course
  • The key to her success and how educators propel her to move forward
  • Why she can’t do story-based advertising
  • How long it took her to reach six figures in her business
  • Why she looks at her money as an agent of change
  • The relevance of having a long vision and being patient
  • The first course she created that helped educators create their own curriculum
  • The beauty of online business and the benefits of having the data you need
  • A message to entrepreneurs who are targeting the lower-priced market

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