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Sep 9, 2021

We all have one question that we ask ourselves all the time. This one question has a huge influence on our lives and businesses.

If you ask yourself a good question it will improve your life and business. If you ask yourself a bad question it will deteriorate your life and business.

In this episode of The Sigrun Show, I explain what a primary question is and how to figure out which one is best for you. I also share how to ask better questions that will help change your life for the better. Finding, asking, and answering my primary question has had a positive impact on both my business and my life.


In this Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • What is a primary question and how to figure out yours (2:00)
  • The question I like and why it’s a great question to ask yourself (6:06)
  • How this question led to my buying my dream penthouse apartment (6:24)
  • Another question to ask yourself to improve your life and business (14:25)
  • The life-changing phone call I made when I asked myself this question (15:27)
  • The empowering question that led to my getting an MBA in London (18:15)
  • The question that helped me get to the million dollar mark (22:30)
  • The question to ask when you’re stuck or overwhelmed, not sure what to do next (25:47)
  • My devastating breakup after an 8-year relationship and the question that got me through the first few weeks (18) 
  • What question to ask when you want to do something new you haven’t done before and possibly been procrastinating (28:28)
  • The project I’m most embarrassed about not doing and what I did to finally get started (29:20)
  • Who do you want to be? The vision I created (31:28)
  • The story of my TEDx Talk (32:18)
  • Other examples of questions you can ask yourself (34:46)

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Let’s ask better questions to create a better life and business.