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Nov 20, 2019

Tom and Ariana Sylvester founded Lifestyle Builders out of their desire to help entrepreneurs grow and support their businesses while living their ideal lifestyles. As the couple’s family grew, they also grew as entrepreneurs running three different businesses. From their business journey, Tom and Ariana have decoded the key to having a thriving business while spending time with the people who matter. They created a system that made it possible to be financially free and live the lifestyle you want, even before hitting retirement age.


Tom and Ariana share how to achieve financial freedom by 35 and their insights and realizations - the things they learned and how they grew - as they dive into their entrepreneurial journey. They discuss how they ended up working together on their current business as their relationship bloomed and they became more than just business partners. Tom and Ariana also share why money comes in easier when you choose to focus not on money but on helping others.


“The goal is never about money. The goal is what can you do when you don’t have to work for a company.” - Tom Sylvester

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Why the book writing process was a learning experience for Tom and Ariana
  • The big wake up call that saved their marriage and life together
  • How their entrepreneurial mindset changed from their first business to their third
  • Defining what a ‘freedom number’ is 
  • The two major lifestyle changes they made to reach financial freedom sooner
  • How to determine which business model is right for you
  • What being retired really means to the couple
  • Why focusing on money or your freedom number does not imply that it’s all about the money


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