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Jan 1, 2020

Jen Lehner is an extraordinary woman who founded the Front Row Mastermind - a group that has been labeled as one of the Top 10 Facebook Groups to Join Before Quitting Your Day Job by Fast Company. Her expertise includes digital marketing and systems strategy. She also spends her days as an adjunct professor of Digital Marketing at Cleveland State University. Jen lived in many different places as a child, from North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Boston, and South Carolina to the Philippines and Africa - and currently enjoys life in Ohio with her husband and three children.

Jen shares how she helps solopreneurs and entrepreneurs avoid the overwhelm of running a business by hiring virtual assistants (VAs) from the Philippines that are a perfect match for their clients. She discusses the hiring system she created when vetting virtual assistants and how to offer more value to your VAs in addition to pay, so they can grow with you and your business. Jen also shares how the front-row mindset impacts your business and the way you lead your team.

“If your VA has a sense of ownership in your business, then you have something so much more than a contractor.” - Jen Lehner

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • What “Front Row” means to Jen and why she chose it as the name for her business and podcast
  • The different mindsets of people who sit in the front row versus the back row
  • What persuaded her to start a local consulting job and how it led her to create online courses for entrepreneurs
  • The problems and apprehensions most entrepreneurs have with hiring a virtual assistant
  • One of Jen’s favorite parts in the hiring process
  • A crucial value to instill in your VA and how you can achieve this goal
  • The minimum hourly rate to offer a Filipino VA and why you shouldn’t go lower
  • How she determines whether to hire locally or overseas
  • What a “Wish List” means to Jen’s business
  • How to determine the status of your VA’s employment

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