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Aug 28, 2019

Andee Love redefines business coaching to success by impacting the lives of female entrepreneurs as a spiritual success coach. Helping people has been one of her natural traits and has guided her to the path she took today. Together with her husband, Andee serves others globally as she continues to focus on the impact she creates over the income she makes.


Today, Andee explains the approach she uses to coach her clients - by teaching them the meaning of living in alignment. She discusses how her self-discovery path turned into her passion and how to work on getting rid of the limiting beliefs that push your vision away. Andee also shares how she helps others understand the language of their body to impact their thinking and improve their alignment and the results they produce in the business they love.

“Resistance will never bring us what we want. Ever.” - Andee Love

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Andee created a lucrative business in three years
  • How passion drove her to keep going until she saw the financial results she wanted
  • The recipe for resistance and the results of not dealing with it in your professional and personal life
  • The process of reprogramming and unlearning things to change your alignment
  • How to get out of the fight or flight energy and into the proactive energy of what to do
  • How to push away the negative emotions and get back to the driver’s seat of your life
  • Why some goals seem so far away and how to make them attainable for you
  • The energy every person should cultivate that drives you to take action 
  • When the sales funnel starts for Andee and the energy she brings to her audience
  • The elements that comprise the foundation of her business
  • Why she chooses to focus on impacting the life of one person versus the many in her business
  • What makes her relatable to her audience in times of vulnerability

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