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Dec 29, 2017

Dorie Clark is a former newspaper reporter and presidential campaign spokesperson and is now the author of the books Reinventing You and Stand Out, with the latter ranking first in Inc. Magazine’s Leadership Book of 2015. A frequent contributor at Harvard Business Review, Dorie has launched her third book Entrepreneurial You where she simplified high-level concepts to make them available to others who want to incorporate these ideas in their lives.


Dorie shares some practical advice on how to stand out and become an authority in your niche so that people seek you out to work with you. She talks about how her books came to be, how she persisted and held on when everyone else was rejecting and ignoring her, and the risks she took to invest in her future.


“To thrive, we have to distinguish ourselves enough so that people want to specifically seek us out.” - Dorie Clark

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:


  • Where Dorie drew inspiration from on her third book Entrepreneurial You
  • The three-step process of spreading your ideas
  • The significance of a board of mentors
  • What to do after attracting your audience
  • How you can grow a movement
  • How long it usually takes to see substantial results in platform-building
  • Why she started blogging
  • Why she uses guest blogging as a critical marketing strategy
  • The most significant takeaway of Entrepreneurial You
  • How to de-risk strategic risks
  • Possibilities for diversification and earning
  • How she tested the effectiveness of the techniques in her book
  • The effect of writing and publishing a book on your social proof

Key Takeaways:


  1. Create a group who can help evaluate your ideas and support you in your endeavors.
  2. Shift from you talking to these people, to them talking to each other.
  3. Calibrate expectations. Growth takes time.
  4. Persistence pays off.

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