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Sep 15, 2021

Is Pinterest the search engine you are overlooking? Are you missing out on clients by not implementing a Pinterest strategy? Yes. Having a successful Pinterest strategy can work wonders for any business. Even those that aren’t selling something visual.

Whether your product is an online course or a physical product, Pinterest can help drive traffic to your website. You just need to know how to leverage the platform and attract the attention of the right people.

In this episode, Pinterest Guru Jennifer Priest, shares her top tips on  how to develop a Pinterest strategy that converts. She tells us why she decided to focus her marketing efforts on Pinterest. And, how and why you should do it too.

Jennifer also shares where to start on Pinterest if you're a complete newbie. How to avoid posting multiple times a day. And, the importance of knowing what to pin.

In this Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Why Pinterest? (1:38)
  • Get them in the door by being know for 1 thing (6:38)
  • Tips for a Pinterest newbie (14:20)
  • How Pinterest is like good wine (19:37)
  • The importance of researching before pinning (21:23)
  • Do you need to pinning multiple times a day? (21:35)
  • Avoid inventing pins (25:23)
  • What counts as a good amount of traffic for Pinterest? (30:00) 

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