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Jan 29, 2020

Dr. Janna Scharfenberg is a practicing holistic doctor who is on a mission to teach health experts the ancient tradition of holistic medicine and how they can be applied to modern health practices. She is passionate about making the world a better, healthier place by empowering the healthcare community with holistic tools, techniques, and strategies that will provide better health care and happier, healthier patients. Janna is a bestselling author of two holistic health books, including Ayurveda for Life, a comprehensive guide on the millennia-old science and art of Ayurveda.


Janna joins me today to share her passion for creating a healthier world by educating others on the benefits of holistic practices like Ayurveda. She explains the concept of the health revolution and her mission to help health experts and coaches teach and implement holistic health practices in their lives as well as their patients’. She explains why she believes improving your health starts with evaluating your mindset and how shifting your mindset around your personal health can impact your results. She also shares her thoughts on today’s health ‘gadgets’ and apps that are designed to help you improve your health as well as why she believes it’s critical to provide more education around health and prevention to children at an earlier age.


“When it comes to really changing something, you need that mind-shift for yourself.” - Janna Scharfenberg


In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Janna’s journey into practicing holistic medicine and how her career evolved over the years
  • Her mission to help health experts understand the health revolution concept
  • Why getting healthy is more than simply choosing between diet and exercise routines 
  • The process Janna uses to help her clients create lasting, sustainable health results
  • Why  she believes the first step to improving your health is to evaluate your mindset
  • The type of clients that benefit the most from her online health program
  • The three key criteria involved in Janna’s online health program
  • What Janna wishes - and predicts - for the future of the health revolution
  • Why she believes it’s critical to provide more health education and prevention to children at a younger age
  • Her opinion on the health ‘gadgets’ and technology currently available in today’s digital society
  • Using daily walks as a tool for meditation and recharging your energy
  • Her vision for her business and the health revolution for the next five years

Connect with Dr. Janna Scharfenberg:

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