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Oct 30, 2017

When you see successful entrepreneurs on television, in magazines and newspapers, and on podcasts, what do you see? Do you see all of the hard work and sacrifice they have made to get to where they are in their business and life? Often, what we see is only 10% of the full success story. You see the positive things, but typically not the negative.


In this episode, I explain the Iceberg Illusion and why it’s important to remember all of the things that are beneath the surface of every entrepreneur. I share my success story - including the 90% you don’t see - and explain how you can use this knowledge to motivate and push yourself to continue your journey despite the challenges and obstacles you may face.


“What you see is only 10%. What you don’t see is the 90% below the surface.” - Sigrun

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Being patient while building a business
  • How writing a blog post helped me discover my true passion and zone of genius
  • Taking time to test your products and services
  • Creating a freebie and growing your social media communities
  • The importance of taking time to figure things out and taking action on your ideas

Resources Mentioned:



Key Takeaways:

  1. Remember: you only see what people share and what you want to see.
  2. Of course you need time to figure things out, but you don’t need a lot of time.
  3. Every successful entrepreneur has had to put in hard work and make sacrifices.

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