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Dec 28, 2018

You’ve probably heard of Tony Robbins. He’s a well-known inspirational life coach and business strategist who has impacted thousands of people through his self-help books, seminars, and speaking engagements. When I first attended a Tony Robbins seminar in 2008 called Unleash the Power Within, I was still working in the corporate world as the CEO of a large company. I had heard a lot about him and wanted to learn more.


What I didn’t expect was that my life would be transformed from attending this event!


In this episode, I share how this life-changing seminar helped me discover my passion to be an entrepreneur and find my true love.


“Love is like passion. You have to be open and vulnerable to find both.” - Sigrun

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How sharing my deepest secrets and recognizing my limiting beliefs helped me open up to new relationship possibilities
  • Making decisions about once-in-a-lifetime opportunities
  • How determination got us through tough times
  • The importance of having passion in your professional life
  • How “Live with Passion” became our motto in life and business

Key Takeaways:

  • Passion is within you. When you are ready to receive, love will be there, too.

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