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Sep 28, 2018

Perry Marshall is the President of Perry S. Marshall and Associates, a consultancy company designed to help online and offline businesses increase their sales leads, website traffic, and advertising results. He is a multiple best-selling author of several business and marketing books including 80/20 Sales & Marketing, The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising, and The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords. His work has been recognized and endorsed by several publications including INC. Magazine and Forbes.


Perry shares how he became a multiple best-selling author and how online entrepreneurs can master the art of Facebook and Google advertising. He explains how identifying underserved markets can help you become established as a best-selling author and when it’s the right time to start using Google Adwords in your marketing strategy. He discusses the importance of educating yourself and learning the basics before investing your money in online advertising and the importance of narrowing your target market when creating an ad. He also explains why online entrepreneurs should resist the urge to outsource Facebook and Google ads management until they understand a basic concept of how the platforms work and how to set up an advertising campaign.

“Google and Facebook combined are more than $100-Billion. Two-thirds of that money is ‘stupidity tax.’” - Perry Marshall

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How stepping out of his comfort zone impacted Perry’s career
  • Working with co-authors
  • Writing a book on topics no one else is writing about
  • The difference between real experts and “fake experts”
  • The right time to use Google Adwords
  • Educating yourself on Google and Facebook advertising before investing in those marketing options
  • The importance of narrowing your target market
  • Starting with remarketing and retargeting ads
  • How to set up your remarketing and retargeting ads
  • When to begin marketing to cold leads
  • Why he believes outsourcing internet advertising is the hardest task to outsource
  • When to consider hiring a Facebook or Google ads manager or consultant

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