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Feb 19, 2020

Born and raised in Bulgaria, Katya Varbanova went to the UK to study law, but after learning how little lawyers make and how much they worked, Katya decided to pivot into retail banking. She became fascinated with Periscope and went live on the social media platform to share her life as a banker. Three weeks later, her followers went from zero to 1,300. Today, as the founder and CEO of 20K Nation—an exclusive community of entrepreneurs and creators—Katya helps her clients become influencers by growing their social media following through viral content.

In this episode, Katya reveals the secrets of going viral on social media. She explains how she was able to grow her followers quickly when she started using Periscope. We talk about the power of collaborating with other content creators and Katya explains how she struggled with impostor syndrome. She also shares tips and advice on how to grow a following on Instagram and Facebook and highlights the importance of creating an “interest-based” account instead of a personal brand.

“To go viral you have to think beyond your ideal customer.” - Katya Varbanova


In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Katya catapulted from working in Retail Banking to going viral on Periscope
  • The secret to going viral on social media
  • The power of collaboration between content creators
  • Why she decided to monetize her Periscope group
  • The lazy entrepreneur mindset
  • Why she recommends that new content creators focus on social media platforms
  • How to grow your Instagram followers using an interest-based account
  • The reason followers share social media content
  • Why she doesn’t put a lot of effort in creating TikTok videos

Connect with Katya Varbanova:

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