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Oct 16, 2019

Keri Murphy helps entrepreneurs make a difference in the world by bringing out their natural gifts and ignite the power of their brand. With over 30 years of on-camera experience and 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, Keri empowers others through speaking, coaching, mentorship, and training programs. Her training program, “IT” Factor, has been featured on CNN, ABC, and FOX. Keri's daughter serves as a constant inspiration to continue to inspire and helps others shine brightly, wherever they are in the world.


Keri shares how to overcome your fears of video marketing. She discusses the different types of videos that greatly impact client branding and business revenue and how she retrains her clients' mindset to prepare for their on-camera experience. Keri also shares an outline that helps her clients prepare their video content as well as tips on how to effectively connect with your audience.

“Feel the fear - but get really connected and excited about your purpose, about your passion.” - Keri Murphy

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Her first national hosting job with the Golf Channel.
  • What to do when you press the record button.
  • Why connecting with your audience works better through video marketing.
  • The different impact a video and a podcast can make to your audience.
  • The kind of connections people and potential clients are looking for today.
  • Why Oprah is the perfect example of overcoming fears.
  • The best way to start your video and hook your audience.
  • How much time you have to capture and keep your viewer.
  • Two vital questions your audience asks as they watch the first few seconds of your video
  • How to be relatable in your videos.
  • The easiest way to start practicing and getting on camera.
  • What a positioning video is and why it results in a 75% conversion of your business.
  • How a personality video drives your brand.
  • Examples of product videos and how often you should have these.
  • How often you should do Facebook Live.
  • How often your audience needs to see you before they buy from you.

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