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Nov 6, 2019

As founder of The Author Incubator™, Dr. Angela Lauria has helped nearly 1,000 authors to write, publish, and promote their books. She has written five exceptional books about how to write a book and have your voice heard, as well as business-related topics such as the Make ‘Em Beg Series. Angela and her team of 45 people continue to help aspiring authors realize their dreams assisting them through the writing process as well as promotion of their published book.


Angela shares the method she developed to write a book the fastest way possible - in about 40 hours or less. We talk about the writing journey that led her to create her company and the ten steps she’s identified on how to write a book that matters, how she developed this framework, and how it has impacted her success as a coach.

“Everything that’s been given to you - the good stuff, the bad stuff - you can use it right now for transformation.” - Angela Lauria

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:


  • Angela’s special recipe in her business
  • Why she had to learn how to write books quickly
  • The different specialized roles that make for an effective team
  • How the team came up with their mantra “Sane, Simple, and Systemized”
  • How Angela gets the best employees in the world
  • The framework that made her an instant and more efficient coach
  • The questions authors need to answer before writing their book
  • How to defeat writer’s block
  • What made her a genius at frameworks and other people’s frameworks


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