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Dec 18, 2019

Jenny Shih is a strong-willed business coach who loves helping service-based female online entrepreneurs build the business and the lives they want by working 30 hours a week or less. With her training under Martha Beck and Byron Katie partnered with her corporate and project management skills as a virtual assistant, Jenny found her sweet spot and has impacted the lives of over 35,000 women with her expertise in business, strategizing, and management. Even while she recovers from a chronic illness, Jenny has been the household breadwinner for years and has earned multiple six figures while working only a few hours a day.

Today, Jenny shares how she runs a successful online business as the breadwinner of her family despite being chronically sick. She discusses how she left her six-figure corporate job to pursue a highly profitable business that makes her feel excited, alive, and grateful each day. Jenny also shares why she chooses not to share what was going on behind the scenes during her health struggle and what allowed her to continue making creative, awesome things to happen despite her battle with Lyme Disease.

“What is the next thing that feels exciting? What is the next thing that lights me up? Where do I feel a little bit of fire and passion? Follow that thread.” - Jenny Shih

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Why she believes it was easier to get into online business in 2009 than today
  • Why she quit her career coaching business
  • Why she stopped building her online presence when she was recovering from her illness
  • How she copes with getting better and still keeps the momentum of her business going
  • The non-negotiables that she prioritized to stay on top of her business
  • What to do to hit your top goals and priorities
  • How she keeps a constant six-month waiting list
  • The ripple effect that her business creates and the people who benefit from this effect

Connect with Jenny Shih:

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