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Dec 4, 2019

Jenny Fenig is on a mission to help ambitious women cash in on their calling and do less while making more by reclaiming their time, energy, and magic. She is a spiritual business coach for fiercely ambitious women entrepreneurs as well as the author of Get Gutsy and the host of the Get Gutsy podcast. She is passionate about encouraging women to use their platform to take a stand and voice their opinion on issues they are passionate about, from business and entrepreneurship to social injustice and politics.


Jenny joins me to discuss why women entrepreneurs need to voice their opinion on issues they believe need to be talked about and how your opinions help you stand out and connect with your audience and ideal clients. She also explains why it’s important to lean into your tribe and overcome your fear of sharing your opinion, speaking your mind, and taking a stand as well as how to cope with the backlash you may receive from voicing your opinion.

“When we have our own thing, we can be real about the message that we feel called to deliver.” - Jenny Fenig

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Jenny’s career journey and how trusting her inner voice led her entrepreneurial career
  • How the world of business coaching has evolved
  • Why she believes it’s important for coaches to follow their calling and create a community around that calling
  • The importance of having a mission beyond merely building a business
  • Getting comfortable with “ruffling feathers” when taking a stand with your business
  • Jenny’s perspective on mixing business and politics
  • Coping with backlash when speaking your opinion and taking a stand
  • Overcoming your fear of taking a stand
  • The importance of building your inner circle
  • Identifying the kind of leader you are and the kind you want to be

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