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Dec 23, 2020

Do you find it difficult to increase your prices? To charge what you’re worth? 

I’ve met countless women with money mindset issues. I myself had to change the way I think about money in order to be successful. But this week on the Sigrun Show, my guest’s story goes far beyond that. 

Ali Katz achieved everything she could have possibly imagined. She graduated at the top of her class from law school and worked at the best law firm in the US. She started her own law practice, then a second business, then she wrote a best-selling book and appeared on TV. 

But upon joining a new mastermind, all she could do was cry. She couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was wrong, but she knew that something was off, and it had to do with her motivation. 

She stopped seeing the value of what she was doing. She doubted her business and herself. She constantly compared herself to others. And she was wondering: Were the people in her life only there because she was paying them money? 

Ali started to indulge in fantasies, and two very different escape routes manifested in her head: One was to have $40M on her bank account and earn 5% interest per year. She believed this would make her free from any pressure she felt to make money with her businesses. The other was to walk away from everything and live on a farm. 

She picked the farm. 

In this episode, Ali shares how she went from having it all to bankruptcy, how she learned to feel financially liberated and you can, too, and where her path has led her today. 

Ali’s is a truly inspiring story and if you ever felt your relationship with money is off, you know the feeling of being at war with yourself, or just want to hear about a woman who went from one extreme to the other and bounced back again, then I’m sure you will relate to this episode. 

“Money is infinitely renewable - when you know how to earn  and use it wisely .” - Ali Katz

In this Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Ali’s journey and how she suffered from money dysmorphia 
  • Making eyes-wide-shut decisions 
  • Two contradicting escape fantasies 
  • The 100M dollar man 
  • Why Ali went bankrupt 
  • Feeling financially liberated - now what?
  • Ali’s big lightbulb-moment 
  • How to cure money dysmorphia 
  • The effect changing her lifestyle had on Ali 
  • The story with the dress 
  • How Ali feels today making $5M with her company 


Want to dive deeper? Learn how your money mindset affects your revenue potential or how you can achieve your dream number with the right mindset

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